Why choose Taurus?

Taurus Europe is a little different. We see that successful sales are based primarily on FOCUS. We operate with a specialized business model that focuses on critical components such as internal and external hard drives, solid-state drives, desktop processors, server enclosures and storage products. We distribute only the KEY brands from these product groups and work closely with the vendors of these brands to provide the best service to our customers. This means keeping large inventories in stock at our warehouse in Wesseling and near Amsterdam Airport, so we can deliver to most destinations in Europe within a day or two. But it also means keeping our finger on the pulse of the market, so we can offer competitive pricing to the customer.


We believe in working closely and efficiently with our business partners: we highly value the relationships we have with our customers and suppliers. With many years of experience in the industry, our employees have built an impeccable reputation for integrity. Simply put, Taurus is a name you can trust.


Our distribution model

Since its foundation in October 2001, Taurus Europe GmbH has been active in the distribution of IT hardware. Through our Netherlands-based parent company, we have access to one of the leading logistics networks in the world. In fact, our business model is about having a global vision while maintaining a low cost structure with the majority of staff working directly in sales and purchasing.


Taurus Europe is a customer-focused company that successfully passes on the benefits of its global network and excellent market knowledge to its business partners. We work closely with our customers, have a clear understanding of their needs and offer them a clear competitive advantage through our service.

Our services

From desktop- to hyper-scale enterprise infrastructure. We have the components to help you build the latest cutting-edge technologies.

Enterprise Storage

Learn about our broad portfolio of enterprise-class SSDs and HDDs. Get the best for your server infrastructure

Enterprise Storage Brands

Intel - Samsung - Western Digital
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Barebones to full configuration of systems and everything in between

Server Brands

Intel - Supermicro
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Client Storage

All the storage space you need to create your desktop or laptop

Client Storage Brands

Intel - Samsung - Crucial - Western Digital - Toshiba - Seagate
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Enterprise SSDs and HDDs

Learn about our broad portfolio of SSDs and hard drives designed specifically for servers and workstations

Enterprise SSD and HDD Brands

Samsung - Intel – Western Digital – Seagate
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We provide you with software and operating systems from Microsoft

Software Brands

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Client DRAM

Build the most responsive computer with our portfolio of of client DRAM

Client DRAM Brands

Crucial - Kingston
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Our philosophy, your advantage!

Our philosophy is to customize service, logistics and support for each customer. By working closely with our customers and clearly understanding their needs, we provide a high competitive advantage.


We are a customer-oriented company, which successfully passes on the advantages of the global network and the excellent market knowledge to the business partners.

Competent partners

We share the needs and requirements of our customers through our competent employees and find solutions and concepts together with you. Thus we are not only your supplier, but your supporting partner.

High flexibility

High flexibility and a high benefit through competence and performance, are made possible by our performance-oriented focus on the essential, as well as the local logistics concept and our short communication channels.

Constant availability

This dynamic and proven logistics concept, coupled with our focused business model, guarantees you constant availability on the majority of our product range.

Attractive pricing

As our customer, you benefit from attractive pricing in line with the market. The focus on component distribution, our efficient cost structure and our global network make this possible.

Service and logistics

Benefit from efficient logistics with same-day shipment of your order and receipt usually within 24 hours, as well as fast and reliable service processing. We are happy to be there for you!

Our most important partners